Resident Information Kit

Whether you are new to West Dundee, considering moving into town, or have been a resident for years, you will find the Resident Information Kit to be full of useful information regarding West Dundee and the greater Elgin Area.


Below are some of the topics covered in this document:
  • Village Government & Staff
  • Village Offices & Hours of Operations
  • Utility Service Providers
  • Refuse, Yard Waste & Recycling Collection
  • Electronics & Battery Recycling
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Animal Regulations
  • Curfew
  • Garage Sales
  • Weather Warning Sirens
  • Schools
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Library
  • Post Office
  • Drivers License Facility
  • Voter Registration
  • Township & County Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Churches

For additional information, please peruse our website or contact Village Hall at 847-551-3800 or

If you would like a hardcopy of the Resident Information Kit, please visit Village Hall or any of the village administrative facilities during regular hours of operation.

Municipal Electrical Aggregation Program

PROGRAM HISTORY: Legislation by the State of Illinois has enabled municipalities to act as a purchasing agent for the supply of electricity for its residents and small businesses. In March of 2012, a referendum was approved by the voters of West Dundee allowing the Village to bundle (or aggregate) residential and small commercial electric accounts and seek bids for the lowest cost source of electricity.

After expiration of an initial two-year contract, which resulted in significant savings for program participants,the Village entered into a new three-year contract with Constellation New Energy to provide electrical supply to account holders in West Dundee at a rate of 7.57 cents per kWh. Highlights of the contract include: No enrollment or cancellation fees and a stable rate for the term of the contract.

Eligible ComEd customers in West Dundee received correspondence in July of 2014 providing an opportunity to opt-out of the program. All customers that did not opt-out were enrolled. The new aggregate rate was reflected on ComEd bills as of September 2014. The program will continue through August of 2017 unless otherwise noted. Individual account owners may opt-in or opt-out of the Electrical Aggregation Program at any time by calling Constellation New Energy at 800-718-1493.

New West Dundee residents and eligible small businesses may enroll in the Electrical Aggregation Program by calling Constellation New Energy at 800-718-1493. Please note that a ComEd account must first be established, as ComEd continues to administer electricity accounts with respect to billing and infrastructure maintenance. All eligible electricity consumers in West Dundee are encouraged to take advantage of this cost-savings opportunity.

UPDATE May 1, 2016: Since the Village of West Dundee last renewed the pricing for our electrical aggregation program (2014), pricing of all commodities has seen an unprecedented drop. For instance the price of gasoline a year and a half ago was $4.50 per gallon has been cut in half. Similarly, electrical pricing has seen a significant price decrease over the last year.

As such, the recently released Com Ed base rate of 6.275 cents per kWh through May, 2017 is considerably lower than the Village’s current electric aggregation program rate of 7.57 cents per kWh.

We in the Village are encouraging residents to switch back to ComEd for the duration of the Village’s program (August 2017). The Village’s program has no early termination fee, so any resident wanting to move to the lower ComEd rate may do so with no penalty by calling the Village’s current supplier, Constellation Energy, at 1-844-309-6310.

Please note that neither the Village nor ComEd can switch your account. You must call Constellation at the above-referenced number in order to do so. Prior to calling, please have your ComEd account number on hand in order to expedite the call.

The Illinois Commerce Commission maintains a "Price to Compare" to assist Illinois residents in understanding how various electricity rate offers compare with the current ComEd rate. More information can be found at

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