Water & Sewer

Water & Sewer service is comprised of two basic components: water production/delivery and water billing.

Billing Contact
LoriSue Liszek

Utilities Superintendent
Adam Peters

The Water & Sewer Division of Public Works operates the Village's water production and delivery systems, which includes 3 deep-well water sources, 3 elevated water storage towers with a combined capacity of 2,750,000 gallons, 2 water treatment facilities that incorporate an ion exchange treatment process to improve the overall quality of the water, 46 miles of water mains and over 540 fire hydrants.

Cross-Connection Control Backflow Survey Form

This survey, mandated by the State of Illinois, will help identify those potable water systems users or customers that require the installation of a Backflow Prevention Device and will prevent the contamination or pollution of the Village water resources.

Please complete the form the best of your ability or consult a licensed plumber for assistance.

Meter Reading

Every other month, Water & Sewer Divison staff will take a reading from the external flow meter at your home or business. These readings are provided in digital format to the Finance Department for bi-monthly billing.

Bill Payment

Water Billing is administered at the Village Hall as part of the Finance Department. The main responsibility for this division is the processing of approximately 2,100 accounts for billing and the daily collection of water revenues.

Water bills can be paid using cash or check at any of the Village facilities during regular hours of operation. Payments can also be mailed or dropped off any time at Village Hall, Public Safety Center 1 or Public Safety Center 2 using the drop box located near the entrance. (See below for credit/debit card payments.)

Accepted payment types include cash, check, credit/debit card or the direct debit automatic withdrawal program (see the Utility Billing Direct Debit Form to the right).

Credit and debit card acceptance is provided through Illinois Funds' E-Pay Program, an electronic payment service provided by the State Treasurer's Office. There is a service fee of 2.35% (or a $1.00 minimum) charged for credit and debit card payments. This fee is not charged or collected by the Village.

Credit and debit card payments can be accepted in person at Village Hall or any of the other staffed Village facilities, or online. Click here or the e-pay logo on the right side of this page to pay your water/sewer bill online.

Water Quality Reports

The Village of West Dundee publishes annually a Consumer Confidence Report also known as the Annual Water Quality Report in accordance with the US and Illinois Environmental Protection agency guidelines and the 1996 Safe Drinking Water Act.

These reports are posted no later than July 1 and offer important information regarding the source and quality of your drinking water during the previous calendar year. The current report as well historical reports are available for review below.

For questions and concerns regarding this report or your water quality please contact the Utility Department at 847-551-3815 or by email to publicworks@wdundee.org

2020 Water Quality Report
2019 Water Quality Report
2018 Water Quality Report
2017 Water Quality Report
2016 Water Quality Report
2015 Water Quality Report
Source Water Assessment Sumary


The Village of West Dundee cooperates with the Kane County Department of Environmental Management for their Annual Stormwater Management Report and has officially adopted the Kane County Stormwater Management Ordinance. The Ordinance and associated cooperative efforts exist to safeguard critical source water by preventing stormwater runoff pollution.

The following information is provided to educate the public about stormwater best management practices and efforts that can be made to help protect our water.

Illicit Discharge Reporting: If you witness an illicit discharge or any activity you feel is potentially detrimental to source water, please contact the Public Works Department at 847-551-3815, and/or utilize the resident service request form found on the Submit a Service Request page.

Public Comment: If you would like to comment on the MS4 program or discuss Stormwater topics in general, you may do so either by contacting the Public Works Department directly at 847-551-3815, or by attending any of the Regular Village Board meetings that are open to the public.

Each Regular Village Board Meeting agenda includes a time for public commentary both for items on and not on the agenda, at a limit of 5 minutes per speaker. The schedule of upcoming Village Board meetings can be found on the Community Calendar. Agendas for upcoming and previous meetings can be found on the Meeting Agendas and Minutes page.

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Village Hall
102 South Second Street
West Dundee, IL 60118


(847) 551-3800
(847) 551-3809
8:00am - 4:30pm M-F

Online Payment System

Pay your parking tickets, village fines and utility bills online.

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Water & Sewer Utility Fee Adjustments - Effective September 1, 2021

In conjunction with the adoption of the 2021/22 budget, the Village Board approved Water and Sewer rates to be charged by the Village effective September 1, 2021. Billings created after September 1, 2021 reflect this new rate structure.

In approving these rates, the stated goal of the Village is to generate adequate revenues to fully fund the operations of the Water and Sewer utility system, as well as provide for current and future capital needs. At the same time, the Village remains mindful of this rate structure. It is the Village’s sincere desire to maintain rates at a reasonable level and in line with our neighboring communities.

Due to IEPA regulations that pertain to phosphorus removal and discharge, needed upgrades to the Fox River Water Reclamation District (FRWRD) facilities are currently being undertaken. As a contract user of FRWRD's waste treatment facilities, the Village’s portion of these upgrades will be in excess of $3M and our annual debt service requirements to pay for them will be $426,000. As a result, we are adding a separate line item on the water/sewer bills which identifies the additional debt service cost for the upcoming year. Depending on your water usage, this additional fee will range from $6.09 to $8.06 per bill.

Based on the new rate structure and a 2% increase for operating expenditures, the “average” bi-monthly bill, assuming utilization of 10,000 gallons, will increase from $120.49 to $133.49, an increase of 10.8%. In comparing our rates to our neighboring communities, we will still be second from the lowest, as is exhibited below:

Municipality. . . . . Cost of 10,000 Gallons Usage
Elgin . . . . . . . . . . . . . $255.67
Sleepy Hollow. . . . . . $222.33
East Dundee. . . . . . . $164.67
Algonquin. . . . . . . . . $153.50
West Dundee. . . . . . .$133.49
Carpentersville. . . . . .$123.83

As a reminder, no property tax dollars are used to fund the utility system; It is an “enterprise” fund, meaning that all revenues to pay for these services are received from user fees.

Should you have questions regarding this new fee structure, please feel free to contact the Village’s Finance Department at 847-551-3800.


"Flushable" Wipes Cause Damage to Sewer Systems

Products labeled as "flushable" cleansing cloths or wet wipes have been reported to clog toilets and sewer systems throughout the United States and abroad, leading to costly repairs for both homeowners and municipalities.

Please help keep the West Dundee sewer system in good working order. Please do not flush anything other than human waste and toilet tissue.

Additional information can be found at www.forthepeople.com, and a short video illustrating the difference between toilet tissue and wet wipes in terms of breakdown can be viewed at www.consumerreports.org.

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