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Administration & Finance

Administration & Finance are companion departments, responsible for the overall management of Village employees and finances, maintenance of official records and files, and dissemination of information to the Village Board, staff and residents.


To make sure that Village operations run smoothly, the Village Manager provides supervision over and coordination between all departments and activities of the Village and provides for efficient communication between the Village Staff and Board.

The Administration Department supports the Village Board and is responsible for maintaining the official records of the Village including:

Administrative staff distributes information regarding Village activities to all residents and business owners through:

The Administration Department also oversees the coordination of community and volunteer events such as:


The Finance Department provides for budgeting and accounting related to all financial aspects of the Village. a

You can our Budgets and other Financial Reports as well as information on Salary & Benefits

Responsibilities of the Finance Department include the formulation and monitoring of the annual budget, preparation for annual independent audits, financial planning and investment strategy, management of payroll, employee benefits and pension obligations, payment of balances due to approved vendors and collection of all revenue due to the Village including approximately 2,100 water/sewer accounts.

Dog tags may be purchased at Village Hall or at the Police Department. Dogs over four months of age must be licensed by the Village within 60 days of moving in. Proof of a valid rabies inoculation is required.