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Roadway Improvements

Area Road Construction Projects

Information and updates on roadway improvements within or impacting the Dundee-area community are provided herein.

2023 Streets & Infrastructure Program

The 2023 project represents the fourth year of the updated 5-Year Capital Plan for pavement maintenance, which is comprised of pavement removal, base repair surface replacement and concrete repairs in the following areas:

Street Limits
Carrington Drive Entirety
S. Third St From Dunning Ave. to End
S. Fifth St (Court) From S. Fifth St. to End

The nature of work to occur in these locations includes full depth HMA pavement removal, aggregate base repairs, HMA binder and surface replacement, curb repairs and sidewalk repairs.

Weather conditions will determine construction scheduling and delays, but the Village expects all work to be completed by mid-November, 2023.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 847-551-3815.

Click here to view the Village of West Dundee Pavement Management Report, which informs decisions regarding the annual Streets & Infrastructure Program.