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Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department promotes economic growth and well-being for the community’s tax base by facilitating physical improvements, pursuing economic development opportunities, and working to ensure that development occurs in concert with the Village’s established land use vision.

The Economic Development Department is the first stop for proposed new development, property additions or changes in use, working alongside the Planning and Zoning Commission and Appearance Review Commission to ensure proposals are in sync with Village Board policies and goals and to build consensus and support for appropriate projects and businesses.

The Economic Development Department also oversees special event applications and the Village’s residential façade improvement loan program, as well as business-focused economic incentive programs. On a case-by-case basis, individual assistance is provided to businesses and property owners to help solve problems, foster growth and stability, and achieve common goals for the economic health of the community and region.

The Economic Development Department works side by side with the Community Development Department to foster a positive image for the community, maintain the Village’s reputation in the region by providing a high level of service and preserve history while carving out a strong future position. Their commitment is to the betterment of the built environment, as well as the livability of the community.

To the left are studies, plans and maps developed to evaluate, establish and express the Village's current land use conditions and aspirational goals. 

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